“I have found the Reiki invaluable.  It has calmed me and restored me.  Given me tools to aid my own healing.  I would encourage anyone to receive Reiki if they are offered.  It would be wonderful if Reiki was available on prescription! My sessions with Annie have been like ‘a spa for the soul’.  Every session has been invaluable.  My symptoms have been alleviated, back pain, bladder discomfort have all eased.  I feel so much better both physically and emotionally and my sleep has improved.  Each session has gone deeper and deeper.  She has given me some ideas for visualisation which I have been using and have really helped.  I am so grateful. Thank you.” Kathryn

“Annie has been wonderful.  She is kind and calm and most importantly she listens.  Annie has helped me to put the pieces together and find a way forward, whilst also helping me make sense of how I’ve been feeling which has been very reassuring.  Thank you so very much Annie.” Samantha

“Annie is an amazing therapist.  Very easy to talk to, before and after the treatments.  She is very knowledgeable.  Annie is a very calm, grounded and holistic therapist. I have really appreciated my treatments.” Victoria

“Annie is a lovely lady.  Annie has a very calming nature about her.  I felt comfortable and relaxed with Annie.  Thank you so very much.” Anthea

“Annie is a lovely lady, very pleasant, caring, helpful with a lovely smiling face.  She cares about her clients, she does a wonderful job.  You go in stressed etc but she makes you sink into the bed as you are so relaxed, warm and calm.  Thank you very much.” Helen

“On my first session Annie explained Reiki and the possible feelings, physical and emotional, that may be experienced.  We discussed the therapy and agreed to let Annie do ‘her thing’ and be guided over me.  I close my eyes, lay there relaxed and quiet and TRUST her completely.  I feel that I am in the hands of a kind and caring friend.  Thank you so much Annie.” Geraldine

“Annie is wonderful.  She listens to what I say and is very supportive.  She has a real talent and I am very grateful to her and very fortunate to have this experience.” Prue

“Annie has been an absolute professional.  She is consistently gentle in her manner and very calming.  I have felt highly valued when I’m in her sessions.  She is non-judgmental and puts me at ease each time.  It’s so rare for me to be able to relax and have a focus on my body in a positive way.  Thank you so much Annie, for making me feel that there is hope for positive change.” Alison

“At first, I was not sure what Reiki involved. When I met Annie, she seemed very serene and calm. I was looking forward to having treatment as I suffer from a debilitating bad back and had done so for the previous 12 months or so. I relaxed and concentrated on my breathing and listening to the music. I could feel the pain lessening the more I relaxed.  I found the whole experience amazing. I would like to return for more treatment and would certainly recommend Annie as a healer.”  Heather

“I always found with Reiki that I Annie is a very kind and caring lady.  She is a very good Reiki Therapist, as she is very calm and really concentrates on her client’s wellbeing.  I would recommend her. I managed to relax, even though I always found it difficult to do so. Annie always managed to point out areas that were a problem even when I hadn’t mentioned them. I could feel sensations and after the sessions I didn’t have as much pain in those areas. Thank you Annie.”  Lucy

“Thank you so much for the help and support over the last few years, with listening and words after or before the session.  Thank you.”  Neil

“Annie is a very kind and caring lady.  She is a very good Reiki Therapist, as she is very calm and really concentrates on her client’s wellbeing.  I would recommend her.” Alison

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