Pricing and Appointments


Karuna Reiki Treatment             £45.00 per treatment

Distance Healing Treatment      £30.00 per treatment

(Payment can be made by card or in cash on the day of your appointment)

My pricing guidelines

I provide a full Karuna Reiki treatment (which usually lasts 45 minutes) and a consultation time (which usually lasts 15 minutes).  However, appointment times are booked for 90 minutes because there will be times when you need to talk for longer (before or after the session) and times when the Karuna Reiki treatment takes longer than normal.  I care about providing what is needed for you, in the moment, at every treatment session.

Value for money

The treatment fee reflects the value of my skillset, experience, level of training and expertise.  It also provides a dedicated Reiki Room, creating a comfortable space for you to relax in.  I provide a deep level of care, empathy, listening and support to everyone.  It is my experience that the benefits of Karuna Reiki are beyond doubt. Yet, I offer a full, no questions, money-back guarantee if you do not feel a noticeable difference in relaxation after your first treatment.


To book an appointment, please contact Annie: 

by Phone, Text, WhatsApp on 07971 189032
or email:

If you would like to discuss whether Reiki can help treat a specific health condition or ask any further questions, please get in touch. I am here to help.

Reiki treatments are available by appointment only at The Reiki Room, 110 Pencarn Parc, Boskenna Road, Four Lanes, Redruth, TR16 6LQ. Parking is available at the front of the Reiki Room or on the driveway.

Choosing a Reiki Therapist

To compare other Reiki Therapists, I would recommend you google The UK Reiki Federation ( who can provide a list of therapists near you.  All members who belong to this professional body will be fully qualified and insured. 

When choosing a Reiki Therapist, it is helpful to know their level of training, whether they have treated anyone with the same or similar condition to you, as well as how much they charge.  A Reiki Therapist should allay your fears or anxieties and be willing to answer all of your questions.

Reiki Versus Other Treatments

Although Reiki works holistically, you may also benefit from other types of therapies.  For example, if your mobility increases following Reiki, you may benefit from seeing a physiotherapist to help strengthen muscles and provide a physical exercise routine.  Alternatively, you may benefit from the help of a chiropractor or osteopath to work on soft tissue areas to encourage and ease movement as mobility returns.  Or you may feel the need to talk through the changes that are occurring emotionally and mentally and therefore a counsellor may be able to help.  I can therefore recommend several therapists that provide an excellent service:-

The Lady Basset Physiotherapy Centre, Redruth –

Clear Chiropractic, Pool –

Falmouth Osteopathic Clinic –

Cranialsacral Therapy, Falmouth –

Holistique Massage, Redruth –

Candle Mouse Counselling, Truro –

There are lots of other complementary therapies that may also be of benefit.  I would encourage you to google and investigate further to see which therapy you are drawn to, which therapist resonates with you and ask questions about the benefits you are likely to receive.


Due to Covid-19 regulations, you will need to complete a Covid questionnaire before a treatment session. If you are feeling unwell with Covid symptoms, please do not attend the appointment. The treatment session can be rebooked without charge once you are well.

NB: It is your choice whether to wear a face mask or not during the treatment. Hand sanitiser and face masks are available for use when entering the Reiki Room.

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