A Karuna Reiki Treatment

What to expect from the session

A Karuna Reiki treatment usually takes 45 minutes to one hour.  There is a short discussion before the treatment (usually 15-20 minutes) to establish your general state of health, reasons for coming for Reiki and the benefits you hope to gain.  Everything we discuss remains completely private and confidential.  (Please allow up to 90 minutes for the entire session).

What you may experience

I will have my hands either placed lightly on your body or held a few inches away from you.  These hand positions change throughout the treatment according to how the energy is being used and directed.  You may feel nothing at all during the treatment.  However, the flow of Reiki energy through your energy field can sometimes be felt as heat, cold or tingling. You may find your breathing changes, your muscles may twitch, you may see colours or find your mind drifting off on a particular train of thought or memory.  Generally, people find the Reiki energy very relaxing and will often doze or fall asleep. 

At the end of the treatment, there is an opportunity to discuss how you feel and the sensations experienced.  I will also provide any feedback about the flow of Reiki energy during the treatment. 

A Karuna Reiki Treatment Summary

A Karuna Reiki treatment is a 4-step process:

  1. Bringing the body into a state of deep relaxation
  2. Enabling the release of tension and pain (on a physical, emotional and mental level).
  3. Restoring your energy flow
  4. Realigning your body’s energy system.

How I Work as a Reiki Therapist

Once you are settled on the couch, I will start the treatment by placing my hands on your feet.  I will send the Reiki energy through my hands into your feet, to relax your body and prepare you for the treatment.  I will ‘tune into’ your energy field to sense any distortions or blockages that need to be worked on.  I will clear these away, by making sharp hand movements above your body (like karate chops) to break up the energy.  Once the dense energy is broken up, I will sweep or pull this energy away with my hands to release it from your energy field.  Sometimes these energy blocks can take the shape of ‘cords’ or ‘clouds’ within your energy field.  For example, if you have something weighing heavily on your mind, this may be reflected in your energy field as a dense, heavy cloud.  This can literally block your thoughts or cloud your judgement.  By using Reiki to clear your energy field, clarity and peace of mind can be restored.  I will then position my hands to send a restorative flow of Reiki into you, replenishing your energy field.  This energy can often bring feelings of warmth, comfort, support and that you are deeply held.  This enables your body to relax further and recharge.  To finish the treatment, I will place my hands on your feet and send Reiki through your body and energy field to centre and realign you to this relaxed state of well-being.  This helps ground the energy into your physical body, mindset, emotions and maintain a positive impact on your daily life.

The Reiki Room

The Reiki Room is a dedicated space for you to relax, feel safe and at ease.  The Reiki couch is heated and blankets are available to keep you warm and cosy.  You can either lay on your back or face down on your stomach.  If lying down is uncomfortable for you, you can be seated in a comfortable chair.  A treatment usually lasts for 45 minutes, however, please allow 90 minutes to ensure yourself adequate time.

What to Wear?

Please wear something that is comfortable and easy to relax in while you lie on the treatment couch.  Footwear is usually removed, unless you prefer otherwise.  Any jewellery or earrings do not need to be removed.

How many treatment sessions do you need?

Each treatment is unique to you and your current level of health and well-being.  The Reiki energy works gently with your body, at a pace that suits you.  Each successive treatment allows the body to relax, at progressively deeper levels. This releases deeply-held tension and stress from the body to restore your natural well-being. Some problems can be helped quickly, although long-standing or chronic illnesses may take longer. With each treatment, the energy flows and penetrates at a deeper level to support your physical, emotional and mental well-being.  The duration and continuation of Reiki is based purely on the benefits being received and experienced by you. 

How long do the effects of Reiki last?

The Reiki energy stays in your energy field for 2-3 days.  Over this time, you may feel similar sensations to when you were having the treatment as the energy is absorbed and utilised by your system.  It is good to take things easy over and be gentle with yourself, as adjustments are being made by your energy field.

How often do you have a treatment?

The frequency of treatments and the length of time between treatments are based on your individual health and well-being needs.  A typical time-frame is one treatment per month, for three to seven sessions.  Reiki can continue, however, for as long as beneficial.  Treatments can also be booked whenever you feel the need to relax and unwind from the general stresses of life.

Should I tell my Doctor?

Reiki does not conflict with conventional medicine and stimulates the body’s natural healing ability.  It works well in conjunction with all medical or psychological care.  It is recommended that if you have an illness or other medical or psychological condition that, in addition to getting Reiki treatments, you also consult a licensed physician or other licensed health care professional. It is your doctor who must decide whether to reduce any medication you may be on. 

Is Reiki for You?

If you want to feel better now, then yes!

Kaurna Reiki relaxes the physical body (easing pain and tension), improves how you feel (lifts your spirits and your mood) and assists your mental well-being (promoting a peaceful state of mind, easing your ability to cope with ill-health and manage day-to-day living).  Most people find receiving Karuna Reiki a very soothing experience. It can bring feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being that promote healing.

Unsure if Reiki is for you?

If you are still unsure whether Reiki can help you, I offer a money-back guarantee if you do not feel a difference in relaxation on your first treatment.  This enables you to experience the Reiki energy working through your energy field and know if Reiki is for you.

Feedback After a Reiki treatment

“I felt deeply relaxed. Absolutely lovely.  I think I will sleep well tonight.”

“I feel really light and really alright!  When you started at my feet, all worries and problems just went.”

“I feel 100% more relaxed.  It was really, really good”.

“I got an overwhelming happy warmth, like in a cocoon”.

“I feel really good, definitely feel different from before I got on the treatment couch”.

“I felt very held and very supported”.

“Really quite surprised, delighted.  Feel as if I’ve had a night’s sleep.  That’s wonderful.  I feel really refreshed.”

“That’s so relaxing.  I can’t get over how it felt in my stomach area and round my chest”.

“That was amazing.  I’m feeling brilliant”.

“Very relaxing and exhilarating.  Feel all the knots in my stomach unravelling.”

“I feel a bit strange, can’t explain it, I feel different.  I can’t get over how when you touched one part of me, the other side did something.  I’ve never experienced anything like that before.  Very relaxing”. 

“That felt very powerful, beautiful and powerful.  It caught exactly the right place where I’ve been feeling it, that felt very warm which was lovely.  I feel like I’ve had a spa for the soul”.

“Lovely.  I felt a huge lift in energy and felt more connected.”

“I feel good, a lot more relaxed, definitely less anxious.  That was wonderful, I really do feel different.”

“That felt different to the others in the way I felt deeply relaxed, aware of a lot of tummy gurgling and had a lot of colours.”

“That was really nice, my body feels very heavy – a nice heavy.”

“That was certainly relaxing.  I’m surprised how my breathing was changing.  Over my left foot was really lovely, could feel the warmth.  Tingling between knee and ankle on right leg.”

“I feel really good, I can’t believe I can feel this good.”

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